Driving Simulator Laboratory

In October 2012, the $1.3 million, 5,800-square-foot Driving Simulation Laboratory was co-developed by Honda and Ohio State to conduct research in driver distraction and other factors that impact driver behavior and road safety.

The laboratory offers a state-of-the-art facility providing tools for evaluating in-vehicle infotainment and vehicle guidance systems to ensure conformance with national driver distraction guidelines. The laboratory also is equipped for investigating attention, stress, cognitive workload and other factors on driving. The lab now works with other industry and academic partners.

Honda decided to take action when data showed that crashes due to driver distraction were increasing. Honda partnered with the Driving Simulation Laboratory to develop a testing method to determine distraction levels.

Staff and students in the lab designed the testing protocols that have helped Honda design safer infotainment systems by verifying and reducing the overall distraction level of the system. These testing protocols are still in place in the lab today.

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Ohio State student participates in vehicle research