Honda Scholars

Each spring, the Honda-Ohio State Partnership offers $3,000 scholarships to 30 high school seniors who received the Honda-Ohio State STEM award.

The STEM award recipients from central, western and southwestern Ohio high schools (in the Honda hiring area) form a pool of applicants for the annual Honda scholarship which supports students in undergraduate STEM majors. 

Honda scholars standing by CRX

The scholarship was introduced in 2005 with the first class of central Ohio Math Medal winners. From the five engineering scholarships awarded to the inaugural Class of 2005, this scholarship grew to award 20 scholarships annually to incoming freshman in the OSU College of Engineering.

In 2018, the Honda scholarship added 10 new awards focused on STEM majors in business and arts and sciences, bringing the total number of annual scholarships awarded to 30.

A total of 300 high school seniors have received the Honda scholarship over the past 1 years, with 12 classes of engineering scholars graduated.

Currently, the 84 Honda scholarship recipients at OSU have the opportunity to develop relationships with Honda staff, apply for internships and co-ops and get involved with innovation and research at Honda and Ohio State.



  • 300 scholarships awarded to 17 classes between 2005-2021
  • 13 classes of scholars have graduated from the OSU CoE
  • 10 new scholarships added in STEM majors for 2018
  • Scholars can fast track to research & employment opps at Honda