Mobility Research

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The Partnership strives to create an atmosphere where intelligent technologies enrich lives and make the world more fun and safe to move around in - on the road, on the water, in the air, and beyond.  In order to help realize these goals, in 2016, the Honda – Ohio State Partnership leaders joined forces with the Transportation Research Center Inc. (TRC Inc.) along with local communities of Union County, City of Dublin, and the City of Marysville, to help establish Ohio’s first “intelligent corridor”. As of 2017, the US33 Smart Mobility Corridor construction began with the installation of 432 strands of fiber-optic cable installed inside the highway right-of-way by the Ohio Department of Transportation. The fiber runs from the City of Dublin, approximately 35 miles, and connects to TRC Inc. where researchers at TRC; faculty, students, and staff of Ohio State; and the more than 1,000 customers of TRC Inc., will be able to utilize high-speed computing services at  DubLink, the Ohio Super Computer Center, and have connected access to labs and people at Ohio State main campus in Columbus. In the second half of 2017, the corridor will be equipped with dedicated short range communication devices allowing properly equipped connected vehicles to communicate with the highway infrastructure, as well as research institutions. This will be available for all businesses, schools and companies along the US33 corridor, including auto companies, suppliers, and software companies who have an interest in working with Ohio State and TRC to research, test, and deploy automotive technology for public road use. The investment in the Corridor will include retrofit of local and state government, and private industry fleets to send and receive data, and study how to create safer mobility solutions, reduce congestion, and improve lives

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Ohio State and the Stark Area Regional Transit Authority (SARTA): hydrogen fuel cell-powered, zero emission bus.